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<< My Love For Italy >>

When I was fifteen I got the amazing opportunity to travel to Italy for the first time with my Woman’s Choir. I immediately fell in love with the beauty, culture and especially the language. I was so inspired by this first trip, that when the opportunity to travel to Europe senior year came up, I jumped at the chance!

Senior year I traveled to London, Paris & Rome and although I loved the beauty of France and England my heart still resided with Italy. Later that year when moving to college, I finally got the opportunity to study Italian. For the next four years I studied my Italian whole-heartedly and still try to submerse myself in Italian language and culture as much as possible.

Summer of my junior year, I decided to study abroad in Italy. Yet again all the pieces came together. I explored with my friends, ate tons tiramisu and cheese, dipped my toes in the ocean and drank as much wine as possible.

It is my hope that someday soon I will find a semi-permenate address somewhere in Italia.

Above is one of the most magical pictures I took in Burano, Italy. One of my favorite places. There is space to wander around, eat, and drink a bottle of wine on the beach with your friends.

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