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our happy garden

I love living in Nashville and one of my favorite places is my backyard. I've lived here for going on three summers and have finally gotten my dream outdoor space in order.

We took lots of care this spring recreating our space so that we could enjoy the sunshine all summer and fall. We strung gorgeous porch lights, repainted furniture, created a fire pit, hung our hammock and planted our garden.

This summer it is my goal to spend as much time outdoors as I can and I wanted to provide a space for our friends enjoy also.

Often we eat our breakfast, lunch and dinners on the porch. We sip wine under the string lights, play music, lounge in the hammock and eat an occational 12 South Farmers Market spread all in one sitting.

Sometimes it seems silly how happy my backyard makes me but I guess that is what it is al about.

I really wanted our garden this year to provide us with fruit and veggies that would not only save us money but give us healthy options along with a sense of accomplishment.


This year Henry and I decided to make three raised garden beds.

| Bed One | is filled with tomato plants, bell peppers, jalapenos, beets, onions, carrots, chives, basil, lavender & cilantro.

| Bed Two | has sunflowers {that are finally blooming!} and Kale.

| Bed Three | is spilling over with cucumbers, pumpkins, watermelon and cantaloupe.

As of now, we are enjoying cucumber in our water and salads. I am also obsessing daily over each new sunflower that blooms. We have a lot of plants that will take time to grow, like our little watermelons, carrots and onions but are excitedly waiting the arrival of all our fruits and veggies.


The final touch on our backyard this year has truly been our hammock. We have two hammock { on purchases on a splurge at a Phish festival } and another given to us my Henry's parents for Christmas a few years back.

We have always enjoyed our hammocks but have never had a permanent place to put them. So this year on the 4th of July, Henry decided that we were going to make it happen. He tried out multiple spots and finally decided upon a leafy place between out two largest trees.

Since putting it up it has been one of my favorite morning activities. I will walk outside, stop along the garden and then head over to our hammock while I soak in the sun, breeze and day.

It's funny because coming from New Hampshire my friends always ask if I like the city life better than living in the country? For me, it had been a concern that moving to somewhere more urban would take away so much green space and I would lose that sense of nature that I loved around me.

Fortunately, I found a place that lets me enjoy the beauty and relaxation of Nashville and it is truly my own little slice of heaven.

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