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Creating | The Belvidere Series |

I came up with the idea for this series when I was actually singing in the shower showering. I was singing and thinking about find a creative way to share my music with my family and my friends. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I often get swept up quickly by ideas and can't wait to start creating so naturally I began writing down all my ideas as fast as I could and made a pinterest board.

beginning .png

The first thing I began planning was the decor. When designing | The Belvidere Series | I wanted to make decor that captured the creative style of my music but would also look beautiful in a still photograph. One of my favorite things to do it create from things I aready own or find in nature so I came up with the idea of making a large dreaming catcher from a few feathers my dad found to give me at my graduation. I wanted to use them for something I could look at every day to inspire me so I put two of them into this dream catcher.

medium set up .png

I also incorporated this long branch that I found while playing frisbee golf with some friends and decided to glue some of my dried flowers from my winter photoshoot onto it. Later I added a few special touches like gold dipped feathers along with the tourquise chairs, table and a floral tablescape.


A few of my final touches was creating a custom chalkboard and designing a few different table scapes (Succulents, cups, candles & a mason jar with brightly colored blooms).


details pic.jpg

Creating the decor for the set was definitely one of the best parts of getting ready to film. I wanted to make the space colorful and full of life so that when I am filming along with my friends we would feel inspired.

Finally the finished product!

final TBS Pic.jpg

When coming up with the ideas for this series I got really excited about decorating, picking out songs to cover, finding musicians to collaborate with. I saw this series as a place for me to share my music but what I never expected was to create a place where I can give other musicians a venue to share, collaborate and enjoy their as well and even further more, that by creating this series, I would be able to give a second voice to share and spread the amazing work of the musicians we are coving.

Here in Nashville, I rarely drive anywhere without listening to Lightning 100. What is less rare is that I almost always hear a new song or artist that is on the rise and completly blows me away.

It is my hope that with this series I am able to accomplish all of these goals and create an amazing experience for all those who are able to tune in from far away and experience a glimpse into my life here in Nashville.

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