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My Glass House Diary

So I know I’ve mentioned a few new projects to you all. We released our new band which was a big part of that (and thank you all endlessly for the support we’ve received!) but I’ve been keeping another secret. The past few years following studying communication and promotion in college I’ve worried way too much about what my social media content looked like. I thought if my theme wasn’t flawless and my photos weren’t on point than I wouldn’t be able to reach my goals of achieving success with my career. What I really found was that it has really held me back from being my real self and sharing my full life with you all. I was so worried about posting that I found myself withdrawing from posting all together and therefore connecting with you all in the process and I don’t want that. So that ends today! I am no longer worrying about color schemes, analytics, blemishes, fresh face selfies, content balance, etc. I am only concerned with connecting with you all and sharing the most authentic version of myself! It’s time we all start encouraging one another to embrace ourselves whole heartily and stop feeling the need to conform to society’s ideas of “perfection”. No ones life is perfect no matter how much it may seem on social media! I really want to pull back the curtain and be able to share all of my journey with you all, bare and truly, me. After everything that happened last year I was left feeling stripped bare, exposed and vulnerable. I was not sure what the next step was and where we would go. In January when we moved into the glass house, Alchemy I remember sitting in my new bedroom back on St. John, staring out at the ocean and feeling a flood of emotion, inspiration and rejuvenation. I was inspired to write down my thoughts on my new mentality of life and cement in my goals to move forward as the real me and hold myself accountable. No longer conforming to what I think society wants me to be but just really being, me. I truly believe it is so important for us to encourage one another to embrace our lives, bodies, imperfections and unique qualities that make us special. To share our story’s in whatever way helps empower us to be our best selves!

That is why today I pull back the curtain on myself and call bullshit on the way I’ve been going about this whole thing. It’s so important to me in my life to empower my family, friends and community and it’s time I start practicing what I preach! I no longer care about if people artificially “like” what I’m doing, I love what I’m doing and that’s what matters and what I want to share! It’s my hope to dive into my new “glass house mentality” in life and live and love as my most authentic self. That’s why back in January I created a venue to do just that called My Glass House Diary. A blog/podcast/feed where I share the real, raw and definitely imperfect but beautiful life I’m leading. I no longer aspire to get likes on my photos but rather to inspire other to like and love themselves. I will be sharing all of this new content with you all even though honestly it scares the shit out of me. But hey that’s what they say right, if your dreams don’t scare you than you’re not trying hard enough. *please note that it is and will never be my aim to hurt anyone or bring down anyone else in the process. This is just me expressing my candid thoughts about life in hopes to empower myself and others around me to be their best selves! I know there will always be people who have a difference in option and that is okay by me. With that being said I hope we can all share love and kindness with one another. Thank you all for your support up until now and here goes nothing! This is the real me, Anysia. Nice to meet you :) #myglasshousediary #myreallife #anysia #anysialane #candid #empowering #inspiration #spreadlove #sharehappiness #therealme

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